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Helen Mirren Delivers the Sass in Our Exclusive ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ Preview


Click on the image to see the video

The movie, which has the impressive credentials of being produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, and directed by Lasse Hallström (“Chocolat”), concerns an Indian family that opens a restaurant directly across from Madame Mallory’s very fancy French restaurant, an establishment that draws guests in the form of prime ministers, presidents, and other assorted dignitaries.

In this preview, debuting exclusively on Moviefone, Papa Kadam is very angry with Madame Mallory about her insistence that his son, the very talented Hassan, come work in her kitchen. He thinks his son should stay in his kitchen, while she thinks he’s destined for greater things. Both are stubborn, quick-witted, and full of barbs — which is fun to watch. Plus, Mirren’s reaction to Kadam’s delivery or a smile-inducing allusion to her Oscar-winning role is priceless. “Yes, enough of you,” he says. “Always up there like a queen or something.”

“The Hundred-Foot Journey,” complete with sassy Helen Mirren, opens everywhere August 8.

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Helen Mirren: I Got ‘Queenitis’ When I Met the Real Queen


Even to Oprah Winfrey, Helen Mirren is kind of a big deal.

The mogul refers to the Oscar winner as “The Helen” and couldn’t think of anyone better-suited to play the starring role in The Hundred-Foot Journey, which hits theaters Aug. 8 and features Mirren as the haughty head of an upscale French restaurant suddenly facing competition from an Indian eatery opening across the street.

“It was [fellow producer] Steven [Spielberg] … who said, ‘I think we should ask Helen.’ I said, ‘The Helen?’ And then we all held our breath to see if you’d say yes,” Winfrey told Mirren while interviewing her for the August issue of O Magazine. “When you did, we sighed and said, ‘Now we have a movie!’ ”

Mirren, 68, has been pivotal to many movies in her nearly 50-year career, most notably in 2006, when she played Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen, which earned her an Academy Award.

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Helen Mirren Found the Right Work-Relationship Balance, Eventually


Helen Mirren met director Taylor Hackford on the set of the 1985 “White Nights.”

The timing wasn’t ideal, she thought — though she has since reconsidered.

“I used to say to Taylor, ‘I wish we’d met earlier on. We’ve missed so much time together.’ And he’d say, ‘We’d never be together now if we met earlier.’ And I think he’s actually right,” she told Oprah Winfrey in O Magazine.

“We were both on a trajectory of work and ambition and, of course, to a certain extent, wanting to resolve ourselves as ourselves.”

Mirren, 68, who married Hackford in 1997, said that prior to meeting him, she was seriously committed to her work. Relationships weren’t nearly as important.

“If I had to go to Africa, it was ‘Bye-bye, I’m off to Africa,’” she recalled. “Then he came into my life, and I started thinking, ‘Maybe it’s time to have a different attitude and to say that my relationship is at least as important as my work.’ To give it the time.”

Of course, her career hardly suffered. In 2007, Mirren won an Oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth in “The Queen,” an experience she called “one of those amazing, magical moments that came out of the blue.”

“Years ago, there used to be an ad in England for the lottery that featured an ordinary family going about their life and this big, sparkly finger coming out of the sky and pointing in through the window as if to say, ‘It could be you, winning the lottery.’ I feel that way about the Oscar. It was a big finger that came out of the sky and said, ‘It’s you.’” she said.

“You witness in your life so many talented people who deserve the greatest success but are not getting it for all kinds of reasons. So much of it is hard work, but it’s a lottery as well.”


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Remember That Shot of Helen Mirren in a Bikini? Here’s Her Secret


She turns 69 this summer, looking absurdly fresh-faced and beautiful. The actress told us all about cutting her own hair, drugstore discoveries, and the secret to extraordinary lashes.

REDBOOK: In your new film, The Hundred-Foot Journey, you play Madame Mallory, a celebrated French chef. She’s very fastidious, not a hair out of place. Are you that way too?
Helen Mirren: Oh, God, she’s so not close to me. As a Brit, we’ve always looked at the French and [wondered], Why do they never look untidy? We’ve got a terrific inferiority complex when it comes to them.

RB: Movie characters aside, what’s your beauty routine?
HM: I don’t have one, quite honestly. I don’t really know what a beauty routine is. But I love beauty products, and I’m always trying new ones. One thing I consistently use is Latisse [the prescription lash-growth serum]. It really works, and if your eyelashes look great, you can let a lot of other things be crap.

RB: Ha! So you don’t normally wear makeup, then?
HM: Oh, no, I wear makeup every day. I love putting it on, and I get really into it: a little bit of this here, a little bit of that there… But then I stand back and look in the mirror and it’s awful! So I take it all off because I’ve gotten too anal about it. It’s absolutely true that as you get older, you have to wear less and less makeup. You can get away with naked eyes if you’ve got red lips. Or red lips and sunglasses.

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Glamour Women of the Year: Dame Helen Mirren wins Icon award


Dame Helen Mirren received the Icon award at the Glamour Women of the Year ceremony, honoured not just for her acting talents but as “someone we’re absolutely desperate to get drunk with at a party”.
The 68-year-old Oscar-winner gave an entertaining acceptance speech in which she declared that turning 70 was going to be “f—— awesome”.
“There are a lot of really young women here who are very beautiful, incredibly talented, and I salute you and respect you all. I’m so proud to be a member of your sex,” she said.
“Your 40s are good. Your 50s are great. Your 60s are fab. And 70 is f—— awesome. I’m not quite there yet, but almost.”
The award was presented by Dame Helen’s latest co-star, Ryan Reynolds, who dubbed her the “Dame of Thrones”.

The pair are currently filming Woman In Gold, the true story of a Jewish woman who fought to retrieve her family’s Gustav Klimt paintings after they were stolen by the Nazis.
Presenting Dame Helen with the Glamour Icon award, Reynolds joked: “For most actors, painstaking preparation involves nothing more than spray tan and a big pile of coke. But this next honoree has shown me that those things just aren’t as important as I’d previously thought.”
Listing Dame Helen’s various award-winning roles, Reynolds continued: “The term ‘national treasure’ is bandied around a lot but, in the case of this stage and screen legend, it’s absolutely deserved.
“She brings grace and fierce talent to her roles and leaves a trail of critical acclaim in her wake.
“She’s also someone we’re absolutely desperate to get drunk with at a party.”
The awards ceremony was hosted by Graham Norton in London’s Berkeley Square Gardens.
Davina McCall won the Hero award for her Sport Relief feat – a 500-mile endurance event in which she ran, swam and cycled from Edinburgh to London over seven gruelling days.
Emma Willis, presenter of BBC show The Voice, won the TV Personality award, while the Radio Personality award went to Fearne Cotton.
Helen Fielding won the Writer award for reviving her comic creation, Bridget Jones.
There were accolades for a current Doctor Who companion – Jenna Coleman as UK TV Actress of the Year – and one of her predecessors, Billie Piper, who was named best Theatre Actress.
Sam Claflin, star of The Hunger Games, was named Man of the Year.
Nicole Kidman won the Outstanding Contribution award and was the only winner unable to attend, instead sending a video message of thanks.


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Helen Mirren: A Wise and Witty Dame


Helen Mirren is alone. Tucked into her 500-year-old villa in the south of Italy, she’s contentedly resting, by herself, before returning to work in a month. The classically trained English stage actress — whose nearly 50-year television and film career has landed her dozens of awards, including an Oscar (for 2006′s The Queen), and qualified her for the title of dame — would seem the unlikeliest of solitary persons. Yet, Mirren is the first to point out that acting in front of a camera “is a very lonesome operation, actually,” and that’s just fine with her. “I’m perfectly happy being on my own. It doesn’t make me crazy.”

Until her filmmaker husband, Taylor Hackford (An Officer and a GentlemanRay), joins her on the vacation property the couple bought seven years ago, Mirren is amusing herself by doing what she does inItaly, which is gardening.

She’s pruning her plumbagos, sticking geraniums and succulents into the crevices of her rock garden and tending to her 400 pomegranate trees, including four 100-year-old specimens that are thriving in the home’s courtyard. “I love, love pomegranate trees,” exclaims Mirren, who, far from the remote characters she’s best known for — such asElizabeth I, Elizabeth II and the unsmiling police detective in the TV drama Prime Suspect — exudes the charming openness of someone completely comfortable in her own skin.

In conversation with AARP The Magazine, the actress comes off as down-to-earth, sassy, self-deprecating and devilishly opinionated. Asked, for instance, about the time-sucking quagmire that is social media, Mirren lets out with, “It reminds me of a stinky old pub. In the corner would be this slightly disgusting old man who sits there all day, every day. If you went up and talked to him, you’d get the kind of grumpy, horrible, moldy, old meaningless crap that you read on Twitter.”

Yes, at 68, with crinkles at the eyes that lend an air of mature refinement, Mirren can fool you into thinking she’s the picture of British reserve. But the actress, who’s keen on the low-budget carrier Ryanairand prefers her little Nokia to a highbrow smartphone, can’t hide her irrepressible chutzpah, nor does she try. So you’ll notice the “stripper heels” she insists she needs, standing without them at a mere 5 foot 4. And don’t miss her YouTube performance in which, as she was honored this past January at Harvard University with the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award, the venerable thespian promptly let loose an expletive, spun around and thrilled the Ivy League crowd by twerking. “Oh, God, I thought that was going to be the end of me,” she says.

But of course it wasn’t.

Her latest film, The Hundred-Foot Journey, which comes out in August, is a heartwarming drama about a finicky gourmand who can’t stomach the idea of an Indian family eatery opening across from her Michelin-starred French restaurant. Even though Mirren is not a cook herself (“I make the odd soup,” she says), she was a no-brainer for the role. “When you have Helen Mirren in your movie, you are already saying, ‘Pay attention,’ ” notes Steven Spielberg, who coproduced the film with Oprah Winfrey.

“With Helen,” adds the movie’s director, Lasse Hallström (My Life as a Dog, Chocolat), “there’s no posturing or pretension, but she knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to make a scene her own. She’s very English, but she also has a touch of that spicy Russian blood.”

Read more at aarp.org

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